People say, that

things that you cannot put into words, you put into song.

By sharmaineg

Music as Portal and Time machine

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Have you ever tried listening to a song which brings you back at some point in time?

well, I have.

I have always been fascinated about this ability of music especially when the lyrics say it all. Sometimes it’s good because it makes you happy remembering those times you had with someone or friends but sometimes it’s bad because it makes you cry tears you never thought you’d shed remembering points in your life where you got hurt or have been broken. But most especially, Music makes you realize that no matter what happened in the past, all ended well and all is well, you survived and you still exist because “Life is like a song, no matter how happy, sad or tragic or whatever the lyrics, all still ends well until the final note and Songs are like people, they come then they go.”

Just remember: if you want to look back, all you need is Music. One song can take you anywhere.


By sharmaineg